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Like most authors and illustrators I know, I regularly do school visits. School visits are a great opportunity to have children see my work and for me to get a sense how my work is seen by them. Here are a few thank you notes sent to me from children at PS 321 in Park Slope, Brooklyn, a school that I have regularly visited for more than 15 years. These drawings really give a sense of what aspects of my presentation captured their imaginations. I love the details in this drawing of my visit. I gave a power point presentation and my art is pictured on the […]

buy modafinil online india

I few weeks ago, I did my first ever skype author visit. What a great way to have technology work for us authors! I spoke with the children at the Upper Room Christian Academy-A Preparatory School, in Raleigh, North Carolina for about 30 minutes. Prior to our chat, the children read my books and talked about my work. On the day of, they were excited and ready with questions for me. I showed them previews of The Neighborhood Sing-Along and the sketches I made before photographing. We did have some glitches. Our first scheduled chat didn’t happen, because the school’s […]

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Poor Guy has lost a leg! Jack’s fearless adventure companion featured in my two books, Below and Sky-High Guy, needs some repair. When I was first planning the photographs for Below, I knew that I wanted Jack’s favorite toy to be one that would only exist in that book. I didn’t really know how to make a doll, but I certainly played with enough as a kid, so I gave it a try. Guy was made out of a clay called Sculpey that can be baked in a toaster oven. I gave him dark brown hair and olive skin like […]