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A couple of reviewers have commented (very nicely) on the naturalism of my photographs of children. Many of my favorite photographers like Helen Levitt, Andre Kertesz and Roy DeCarava created images that capture the beauty of unexpected and unguarded moments. But this, like all things, does require some effort. In my case I use an extra tool when things don’t quite go my way, Photoshop. Mega Sashes and Glass photo ©Nina Crews When I planned the image I wanted for “Do Your Ears Hang Low” I imagined a group of kids hamming it up in front of a shop window filled […]

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© Nina Crews 1995 Greenwillow Books, HarperCollins Publishers ISBN:9780688133931 • CCBC Choice 1995 • Junior Library Guild Selection 1995 It is summer and it is HOT. Dogs pant. Women carry umbrellas for the shade. But the running, dancing narrator is busy. Drawing. Teasing her shadow. Eating Popsicles. Here is a perfect book for all seasons: If you are cold, it will warm you, and if you are hot–well, the sky is darkening, and the big drops are ready to fall. Nina Crews makes a stunning debut with a book bursting with emotion, truth, and beauty. Horn Book July/August 1995 – […]

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©Nina Crews, Greenwillow Books, HarperCollins Publishers ISBN 9780060515737 • ALA Notable Book 2005 • Notable Children’s Book in the Language Arts (NCTE) • Texas Library Association 2×2 Reading List 2005 • New York Public Library 100 Titles for Reading and Sharing 2004 • CCBC (Cooperative Children’s Book Council) Choice 2004 • Capitol Choices Noteworthy Books for Children • School Library Journal Best Books 2004 • Kirkus Reviews 2004 Editor’s Choice List • Parenting Magazine Books of the Year 2004 • Cuyahoga County Public Library Children’s Books to Read and Own Every day, children the world over sing, shout, and celebrate Mother […]

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©Nina Crews 2011 Christy Ottaviano Books, Henry Holt and Company ISBN: 9780805087659   Jack receives beans from his neighbor and – lo and behold! – those beans lead him up a beanstalk and into the company of giants. How will he ever get back home? In her innovative photo-collage style, Nina Crews freshens up a beloved children’s tale for today’s young readers. Kirkus – A contemporary urban version of the ancient tale of beans and boy, with spiky parts rounded off. This Jack gets a jar of brightly colored beans for doing chores for his neighbor, and he plants them beneath […]

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©Nina Crews 2011 Greenwillow Books, HarperCollins Publishers ISBN 9780061850639 • Bank Street Children’s Book Committee – Building Blocks Selection for Children Five & Under Playground songs and classroom songs, silly songs and sweet songs, wake–up songs and bedtime songs… Everyday, children, parents, friends, brothers, and sisters sing songs to one another. Nina Crews brings her energetic style of illustration to this collection of thirty-four perennial favorites. From “Miss Mary Mack” (watching fireworks from her balcony) to “London Bridge” (built by a brother and sister in the living room) to “Skip to My Lou (in a rolling green park), the songs […]