Activities for kids:

Here are some fun tie in activity sheets for A GIRL LIKE ME and SEEING INTO TOMORROW:HAIKU BY RICHARD WRIGHT. Show off who you are and what you dream for the future with the “a kid like me” worksheet. Create your own collage or drawn freight train with the freight train base or enjoy haiku inspired puzzles with the “haiku scramble” worksheet.

For aspiring writers:

Every writer or illustrator must face the challenge of how to make the exciting ideas that inspire them concrete for the reader. This isn’t always a simple task. The thoughts that set off sparks in the mind can easily fall flat when first put down on the page. Sometimes it is tempting to stop after the first attempts and decide that the idea wasn’t so good after all. But good ideas require hard work to become something that can inspire someone else. So how do professional creators tackle this challenge?

Here is a worksheet with some suggestions of things you can do to help the work along.