New look for Nina Crews Children’s Books!

New look for Nina Crews Children’s Books!

I have given my website and blog a makeover! Check out’s fresh look and more streamlined interface. Now the site should be easy to navigate on mobile devices and my blog is at the same url.

Because I love a DIY project, I took on the challenge of rebuilding the website myself (I built the first site, too). This time I used a wordpress template, asked a tech savvy friend a lot of questions and spent loads of time reading websites on coding css and html. There are still elements I’d like to tweak, so expect that more small changes will come.

The background was inspired by a key feature of my workspace – my bulletin board. This is where I store visual ideas for future projects and reflect and review current ones. In referencing it here, I invite you to consider this website/blog a workspace of sorts.

Please take a look! Add a comment! And if you have followed my other wordpress blog, please follow this one. I have moved over some of my archived posts and will discontinue that blog soon. All new blog posts will appear here.

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