How to be in two places at once

I few weeks ago, I did my first ever skype author visit. What a great way to have technology work for us authors!

Nina Crews in her studio

I spoke with the children at the Upper Room Christian Academy-A Preparatory School, in Raleigh, North Carolina for about 30 minutes. Prior to our chat, the children read my books and talked about my work. On the day of, they were excited and ready with questions for me. I showed them previews of The Neighborhood Sing-Along and the sketches I made before photographing.

We did have some glitches. Our first scheduled chat didn’t happen, because the school’s internet connection was down. Our second try went pretty smoothly. Of course, skype can be a bit touchy – occasionally we’d have lags in transmission or we’d lose the picture, but this wasn’t too distracting.

It was great to be able to make a connection with the kids that would not have happened any other way. It is always difficult to arrange visits with schools that are not in my local NYC area. I look forward to doing more visits like this. Almost like being there!

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