Sky High Guy

© Nina Crews 2010 Christy Ottaviano Books, Henry Holt and Company

Whether they’re trekking to a magical island to hunt dinosaurs or saving a city from destruction, Jack and his action figure Guy have exciting adventures. Sometimes Jack’s little brother, Gus, joins them. But when Guy gets caught in a branch while skydiving, Jack and Gus must launch operation rescue!

In this companion to Below, Nina Crews uses her trademark photo-collage style to tell a playful story where innovative ideas and teamwork save the day.SHG16-17

School Library Journal – “Jack starts out thinking of himself and Guy as the perfect team, but learns that including Gus in adventures is more fun for everyone. Children will relate to the brothers’ plight and enjoy the story’s positive message.”

2 thoughts on “Sky High Guy

  1. Hi, Nina. My son Matthew loved your books when he was younger. A librarian in Colorado Springs offered Below to him. He told the librarian that he had a copy and Jack was his cousin. The librarian was amazed.
    It’s been a long time — best wishes to you.

    Tim (Todd’s older but better looking brother)

    1. Hi Tim!

      My apologies for the very delayed reply! Nice to hear from you, I hope you, Tam and Matthew are doing well. Best wishes! Nina

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